Exhausted? Tired? Anxious? Muscle cramps? Headaches? Mental Fog? Osteoporosis?
Digestive Issues? Mild heart arrhythmia?


All of these symptoms are often linked to Magnesium deficiency!

Your daily dose of LEMONADE!*

– Will provide the 100% recommended intake of Magnesium in a single bottle!

About half of all Australians are deficient in Magnesium!

Australians are returning to sparkle – "healthful carbonated"** drinks are in strongest growth

This is a drink that features an unapologetic "fizz". It has been carefully designed for consumers who do like a carbonated softdrink, but are looking for a “better for you” alternative. We think Kombucha taste is NOT for everyone – but who doesn’t like a lemonade?

When life hands you a Lemonade...

– We created a range of delicious "craveable" lemonades – that are actually good for you!

– LEVEL LEMONADE comes in delicious Original Lemon, Lemon&Orange and Lemon&Pineapple

More than 1 in 2 Australians consumes more sugar than recommended.

LEVEL LEMONADE contains ~75% less sugar than most regular soft-drinks and boasts 5% Lemon juice.

Have your Lemonade and drink it too!

– LEVEL LEMONADE is 97.5% sugar free!

Feel like you are coming down with something? Stressed or must recover after exercise? Engage in physical activities? Adequate intake of Vitamin C will support all of the above!

LeVeL up your Vitamin C!

– Our tangy Lemonade will provide the 100% recommended daily intake of Vitamin C!

More than 25% of Australian males are deficient in Vit.C

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